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How to run a Multiple choice Pulse
How to run a Multiple choice Pulse

Facilitators can run a multiple choice pulse to quiz learners or gain feedback in real time.

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Multiple choice pulses are one of three types of pulses we offer. 

A multiple choice pulse allows you to provide your learners with a set option of answers to the question you are asking. Multiple choice pulses can be set as scale or discrete depending on whether the answers are in sequence/scale or stand-alone.

Responses to a scale pulse will display in a line graph where as responses to a discrete pulse will display as a bar graph.

Note: Please put in a maximum of seven options. Currently more than seven options causes an issue when displaying the results.

Once sent it will appear to learners like this: 

Responses are recorded and can be found on the overview section of the course. Learners in the course can see all pulse responses on a graph, without identifying how an individual learner responded.

As a Facilitator you can also download all Pulse responses from the marking area.

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