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How to configure data download options for facilitators
How to configure data download options for facilitators

Account owners can customise what data your facilitators can export

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This article explains how Account Owners can configure iQualify to make reports available to facilitators of legacy (activities and assessment) courses.

iQualify allows a facilitator to export a range of learner data and results in CSV format:

  • A list of all learners 

  • Pulse responses

  • Assessment marks

  • Quiz marks

In the iQualify settings area of iQualify you can set which of these, if any, your organisation wants facilitators to be able to export.

To do this click on your profile picture and select iQualify settings

Account details page showing the drop down menu beneath the avatar with iQualify settings underlined.

Select Feature Settings

Then select Data Export.

Image showing the Data Export menu under Feature Settings in iQualify Settings

Image showing the List of all Data exports available, Learner's List, Pulse Responses, Assessment Marks, Quiz Marks
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