Learners and facilitators can access their courses offline using their browser's offline functionality and progressive web apps, enabling them to keep up with their study on the go.

In offline mode, learners can access all the main content and review their study notes. They cannot complete tasks, access resources (i.e. PDF attachments), watch videos, interact with others or upload assessments.

Videos that are available to download are on the Download page or beneath the video on the course page. These can be downloaded in advance to your device to view offline. Videos of more than 200MB will not be available to view offline.

How to access your course offline using a PC or laptop

  1. Whilst online open Google Chrome and log in to your course.

  2. Navigate to any page within your course. This excludes your course or assessment overview.

  3. In the top right corner of your Chrome browser click on the three vertical dots.

  4. Select Install course name...

  5. A copy of the course will now be saved to your desktop. (If you are using a Mac you'll find it in the Chrome Apps folder)

  6. Before going offline we recommend you review the course to check it's downloaded properly.

How to access your course offline on an android device (tablet or smartphone)

Accessing courses through your android device is made available through a technology called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWAs are well supported on both mobile and desktop across most browsers.

To study offline from your Android smartphone or tablet:

  1. Open your course using Google Chrome (this is usually the Android default browser).

  2. Select Add when prompted to add the course to your home screen, or if this doesn't appear, use the browser menu (usually an ellipsis [three dots] icon) and select Add to Home screen. This will add a new icon on your Home screen providing a shortcut to your course.

  3. Navigate to any page within your course. This excludes your course or assessment overview.

  4. Access your course from the icon on your Home screen while you are online and login. You can then go offline and you'll see an offline banner appear on your course overview page and the course card on the dashboard. You'll now be able to navigate between pages and continue your study.


Do I have to use Google Chrome?
We recommend using Google Chrome (usually the default Android browser). However support for offline access is now supported across most browsers.

Here are some guides on how you can use progressive web apps on other browsers:
Microsoft Edge
Samsung Internet

My course content hasn't loaded on my phone/tablet?
Depending on the speed of your internet connection or the size of your course it may take some time to download all of the sections. We recommend giving the PWA a bit of time to download a local copy of the course before switching to offline mode.

How do I conserve my mobile data?
The first time you access each section of your course a local copy is downloaded to your device. If you want to conserve your data, we recommend accessing your course for the first time using Wi-Fi rather than your mobile data.

Why are only some videos available to download?
Videos under 200MB that are directly uploaded into iQualify are available to download to view offline. Videos over 200MB or ones that are embedded from video hosting services such as YouTube or Vimeo will not show on your Download page. 

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