How to earn your course badge

Learners can earn a badge if they meet certain criteria in a course.

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Some courses have badges associated with them. As a learner, you can earn a badge if you meet certain criteria in your course.

Note: Each badge has its own requirements. If you can't find the requirements for achieving your course badge after following the instructions below, check with your facilitator and/or learning provider.

The criteria you need to meet to gain a badge listed in your course Overview which you can find by selecting:

  • Overview on your course card on your Dashboard.

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About this badge

You can also select About this badge on the right of the course Overview page to see further information about your badge.

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If you don’t see the requirements for achieving your course badge in your Overview, check with your facilitator. Each course will have it's own badge requirements.

Common criteria

Some common criteria for being awarded a badge are:

  • Gaining 100% progress by viewing every page and completing all tasks (including any that you reset). See How do I complete my course to get 100% progress? for more information.

  • Participating in an in-page discussion.

  • Achieving a certain mark in an assessed task or quiz.

Auto-awarded or facilitator awarded badges

If you meet all the criteria, your badge may be automatically awarded or awarded by your facilitator. A facilitator might award a badge manually if they need to check any additional requirements for the badge, such as attendance at a workshop, or completion of a case study assessment.

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