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How do I send a questionnaire(s) to my client?
How do I send a questionnaire(s) to my client?
Updated over a week ago

The appeal of creating client questionnaires, or using one of our templates, is to pull information from your client directly into Iris Works without adding in any additional steps for you.

By sending out a Questionnaire as your first step after inquiry, you can obtain as much information as you need while building a great relationship with your client. This will also set you up to have a successful session because you're armed with a lot of key information about their hope and goals.

When creating a questionnaire, use the "Mapping" option to the bottom of each questionnaire field to populate the client's response into that portion of their profile.

You can send a questionnaire directly from the Documents section or you can incorporate a questionnaire into an email template to send from the client profile, as a lead response, or automatically via workflow.

You can create as many different questionnaires as needed for your studio - seniors, engagements, newborns, weddings, etc. You can add questionnaires by heading to My Settings > Settings > Documents > New Questionnaire

When a client is completing an online questionnaire, they can have the option to save their progress, and return to the questionnaire at a later time.

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