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How do I create a new workflow?
How do I create a new workflow?
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In your Studio Settings (My Settings > Settings) select, Workflows. Select "New Workflow" and give the workflow a title (i.e. Senior, Wedding, Engagement, etc).

Here, you'll add in all of your To-Do items, Scheduled Emails, and/or Sending of Web Forms (attached to emails) by using the drop-down selection. You can indicate when an item is to happen (when an email template should be sent) or when an item is due to be completed, all based upon your session date.
All items can be scheduled for once the session is booked (added to your calendar), number of days/weeks/months/years before or after the session, and number of days/weeks/months/years after it has been booked (added to your calendar)

Select "Add" after each item to add it to the workflow list.

Should you want to edit any of the items, simply click on the item itself to make changes.

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