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How does Online Booking work?
How does Online Booking work?
Updated over a week ago

We’ve taken a whole new approach to scheduling with Iris + Booking. 

You have two choices when sending booking options to your clients. 

  1. Send individual booking invitations to your clients

  2. Create Booking Calendar links to publish wherever you like.

Send individual booking invitations

Booking Invitations allow you to send a customized link to an individual client - with a variety of available options. This removes the annoying back and forth that usually occurs via email when you're trying to find a mutually agreeable time for a session.

To get started, go to your client’s profile and select “Booking”. To select your availability options, click and drag within the calendar view to create a timeslot. You may select as many options as necessary (although we highly recommend keeping it to a handful so as not to overwhelm your client with too many choices).

After selecting the options that you want to share, your next step is to complete the details surrounding your session or meeting. Don’t forget to indicate a workflow if you want Iris to initiate your workflow as soon as your client selects a time slot.

Once your details are complete, you’ll select “SAVE & CONTINUE” to proceed.

Now you will select an existing email template and paste the Booking URL into the body of the email and select "send" to your client. Or you may opt to grab the link and send to your client another way (text or email elsewhere). Don't forget to hit "finish" if you are only copying the URL link to save your booking invitation.

You will see a "pending session" in your client's profile now until they have booked their session. If you need to edit the existing booking invitation, you can simply click the pencil icon next to the pending session.

Create Online Booking Calendars

Our second option is to create an online calendar that you can share on your website, email signatures, social media profiles - really anywhere you want. Booking calendars allow your clients and leads to view your availability and book online. This is a great option when you know your calendar, and you want share that calendar publicly.

Head to your Studio Profile > Booking Setup. Here you can create multiple calendar links - for example, you can have a calendar for each genre of photography you specialize in.

Watch the video below to see how to get started.

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