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Accept ACH Payments (with Square)
Accept ACH Payments (with Square)

ACH payments with Square now available!

Updated over a week ago

** Note: Square ACH is only available to U.S. Square users at this time. **

Let your clients pay by ACH bank transfer - with Iris + Square ACH. Square users located in the United States can immediately begin accepting ACH payments.

ACH payments are a simple, secure way for your clients to pay invoices - with lower processing fees than credit card payments.

How to accept ACH Payments:

  1. Login to your Iris account and navigate to your Invoice Setup.

  2. If you have not yet connected your Square account, click on the 'Connect' option for Square and follow the prompts to connect and authorize your Square account in Iris. **Make sure you have a bank account connected in your Square account.**

  3. Once you have authorized your Square account, expand the Settings section in your Invoice Setup.

    1. Under the Square Settings, toggle on the option for ACH Payments.

That's it! You're now able to offer and accept payments via ACH bank transfers.

What are the processing fees?

Square ACH bank transfer fees are 1% with a minimum of $1 per transaction. Payments will be processed in 3-5 business days.

How do ACH payments work?

If a client chooses to pay with ACH bank transfer, they will be directed to a safe and secure portal to log onto their bank and select an account for payment.

Once a client pays the invoice via ACH bank transfer the funds will be in your Square account in 3-5 business days.

The invoice payment will show as ACH Pending in Iris until the payment has been fully processed. There may be a slight lag time between when the ACH payment clears and when your Iris invoice is updated. This lag should be no more than 24 hours.

You will receive an email notification from Iris when the transfer is initiated, as well as when the payment has fully processed.

Where can I learn more about Square ACH?

You can read more about Square ACH here.

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