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Invoices, Coupon Codes and Quotes
Invoices, Coupon Codes and Quotes
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Accept ACH Payments (with Square)ACH payments with Square now available!
Accept AfterPay with Iris + SquareNow available - AfterPay
eGift Cards with Iris + SquareAccept Square eGift Cards on your Iris Invoices
Add Tip Option to Invoices (Square users)Square users may now opt to include a Tip field on invoices.
Goals and Metrics
Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay with Iris + Square
Partial Payments ModalBased on feedback from our users, we have simplified our invoices and payment schedule (or partial payment) process.
Sending QuotesQuotes in Iris
Payment schedules FAQIris invoices now include payment schedules, giving you and your clients even more flexibility when it comes to paying for your services.
Collect In-Person Sales PaymentCreate invoices while conducting your IPS session, and then instantly collect payment on the spot.
Automatically Send InvoicesUse Iris Workflows and Invoice Templates to automatically send out invoices to your clients.
Creating and Using Invoice TemplatesIf you create and send the same invoice over and over again, save the invoice as an Invoice Template to save yourself time.
Fundy Integration
How do I create a new invoice?
Can I accept payments with Iris Works invoices?
How do I integrate with my existing Quickbooks account?
Can I view how much income I have each month?
Does Iris Works keep a history of all invoices?
Invoice to Sessions
How do I enable, create, and use coupon codes?
How will coupon codes be calculated on invoices that have a payment plan?
How do coupon codes work with sales tax?
How can my clients use a coupon code?