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Accept AfterPay with Iris + Square
Accept AfterPay with Iris + Square

Now available - AfterPay

Updated over a week ago

AfterPay is a buy now, pay later (or BNPL) option where a customer pays for a purchase over time in installments. As the seller, you are paid upfront!

Available to begin using immediately, Iris users may enable AfterPay as a payment option through the Iris + Square integration.

*AfterPay is currently available for US and Australia customers.

The processing fee for AfterPay is 6% + 30 cents per transaction.

To enable AfterPay, first connect your Square account by navigating to your Invoice Setup tab.

Expand the Settings section, and toggle on the AfterPay option.

*Note: You must have all contact information completed in your Iris Works profile in order to enable AfterPay.

Once you have enabled AfterPay, your clients will have the option to pay with a credit card OR AfterPay.

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