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Booking Landing Page
Booking Landing Page
Updated over a week ago

Our booking feature now includes an option to create one landing page/URL for all of your booking calendars.

You will have the option to add a URL to your website or embed the page on an existing site, using a photo layout, and choosing which calendars to show to your clients.

To set up your landing page, navigate to your Booking Set Up (my settings > settings > booking set up). From here you can customize your landing page settings.

  • Opt to display your logo or not

  • Switch to a transparent background

  • Change your submit button color

  • Upload a photo if you want to use the photo layout

  • Customize your landing page welcome/introduction message

Select Which Calendars to Include on Your Landing Page

You can toggle on and off which calendars you would like to include on your landing page.

Check out this tutorial to see how to setup your booking landing page:

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