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How do I customize my lead page?
How do I customize my lead page?
Updated over a week ago

You asked and we listened! You can now make multiple changes to your Iris Works lead page.

You can now show/hide your studio logo, customize the layout (icons versus drop-down list of session types), show/hide certain session types easily, choose to use a transparent background, select a custom color for the Submit button, change the opening headline, opt to send a customized email response to any leads, choose from a logo only layout or photo layout, and add up to two custom fields.

Show/Hide Session Types

To modify what session types you show on your lead page, head to your Session Types tab. By clicking the edit icon, you can choose whether or not to display the session type on your Lead Page. Additionally, you can choose which email template you'd like to automatically send when this type of lead is received.

Custom Icons

If you choose to utilize the Icon format of the Lead Page (versus our drop-down option), you can upload customized icons your Session Types page. The size of these icons should be 52x52 pixels.

Style Format

On the Leads Page tab, you can choose to show/hide your studio logo from the lead page.

Additionally, you can choose to use our icon or drop-down format for your lead page.

You can also choose to have a transparent background for your lead page form when embedded on your website.

You can turn these features on and off using the toggle switches.

You may customize the Submit button color using the Color Picker field.

The Lead Page headline may also be customized. You may use up to 225 characters for this field.

Default Lead Auto Response Email 

Use this to choose an email template that automatically sends when a lead inquires but doesn't indicate the type of session he/she is interested in. 

Form Layout

You can choose whether you'd like your form to be displayed with logo only at the top or photo layout which will allow you add an image to the side of the form.

Custom Fields

You can now add up to two custom fields in order to include additional questions on your lead form - and mark whether you want these questions required or not.

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