Tax-Deductible International Giving

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Since 2009, IsraelGives (GivingTech) has been working in partnership with a community of charitable foundations to facilitate trans-national giving. Our partner charities in Israel, the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, France, Spain, and the EU zone can collectively provide tax-receipts to donors in 32 countries, wishing to give to charitable organizations in any of those countries.

Our partner charity will receive your donation and designation, issue you a local tax-receipt, and then re-grant the funds, in compliance with local laws, to the non-profit you asked to support. Tax-receipts are instantly issued by email for all online donations, and sent by post if you donate by check or bank transfer.

For details about how to give by check or wire transfer:

For details about our partner charities and how to send them your donation, select a country below:

Donating by check

To donate by check, please mail your donation to one of our partner charities, at the addresses below. When writing a check, please write the ID number of the charity that you wish to donate to in the "memo" section of the check or an attached letter, so that when we receive the donation, we know how to allocate it. If you don't know the charity's ID number, please write its name.

When writing a check, please ask your donor to write your charity's ID number in the "memo" section of the check or an attached letter, so that when we receive the donation, we know how to allocate it.

Donating by wire transfer

You can donate through your bank account directly on the online donation form (online ACH). However, you're welcome to make a wire transfer. When you donate, be sure to mark in the "notes" of the wire the ID number of the organization that you're donating to (or include its name if you don't have the number). You can also email us at to let us know to which organization you'd like to allocate the donation.

Where to send the check or wire transfer

United States


Checks in U.S. dollars should be made out to "America Gives" (EIN: 26-3383926) and mailed to:

America Gives

228 Park Ave S #71410

New York, New York 10003-1502

View our 501c3 approval and our W9.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers may be sent to the following account:

  • Account owner: America Gives, Inc.

  • Bank details: Evolve Bank & Trust, 6070 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38119

  • Account number: 9800470664

  • Routing number: 084106768

See our account ownership confirmation letter here.

You can also wire funds directly into one of our designated campaign accounts.

The account owner is America Gives, Inc. and the routing number is 084106768:

Kibbutz Nir Oz

Account number: 9810013361079000

Kibbutz Kfar Aza

Account number: 9810015302333215

Kibbutz Be'eri

Account number: 9810017941390495

Kibbutz Holit

Account number: 9810011302171702

Hostages and Missing Families Forum

Account number: 9810019396337173


Checks in Canadian dollars should be made out to "Canada Charity Partners" (CRA 818335390RR0001) and mailed to:

Canada Charity Partners

5785 Smart ave.
Cote St Luc, QC H4W2M8

For wire transfer info, please contact us directly.


Checks in Israeli Shekels should be made out to "IsraelGives Foundation (R.A.)" (580484681) and mailed to:

IsraelGives Foundation

Chuchit 19/20

Zichron Yaakov

Bank transfers can be sent to:

Bank: 20

Branch: 423

Account: 294355

IBAN: IL520204230000000294355


Please mark in the memo the name of the campaign or ID of the organization that you wish to allocate the donation towards. Or send us an email to:

You will receive a section 46 receipt (see our approval here). See our account ownership letter (אישור ניהול חשבון) here.

United Kingdom

Checks in Pound Sterling should be made out to "UK Gives" (Charity number 1161366) and mailed to:

UK Gives
483 Green Lanes
London, England

Wire transfers should be sent to:

  • Account owner: UK Gives Ltd

  • Bank: Lloyds Bank

  • Sort code: 771703

  • Account: 39408560


Checks in Australian dollars should be made out to "Australia Gives ltd" and mailed to:

100 Cubitt St Level 2 #519
Cremorne, VIC 3121

For wire transfer info, please contact us directly.


Donations in Euro should be sent by SEPA wire transfer to Fonds de Dotation IG (SIREN: 889613709):

  • Account owner: Fonds de Dotation IG

  • IBAN: IE26CHAS93090301050335


Fonds de Dotation

10 rue de Penthièvre

75008 Paris

Donor will receive a CERFA tax-receipt.


Donations from Switzerland can be made by wire transfer through the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. In order to make a wire transfer, please email Ms Aïssata Traoré at (copying to the email), and provide the following information:

  • Your name and tax-residence address in Switzerland

  • The amount of donation and its currency

  • The final beneficiary organization of this gift - "Fonds de Dotation IG"

They will perform the necessary due diligence and then provide you with bank details to whom the wire can be sent. Please add the following note when wiring funds:

<< TGE-Fonds de Dotation IG-France >>

MINIMUM DONATION AMOUNT: CHF 500 or its equivalent in EUR, USD, GBP. Donations between CHF 500 and CHF 50’000 are automatically accepted. Above this amount donations are subject to discussion and potential meeting with the donor.

EMISSION OF FISCAL RECEIPTS: By post, once a year in February of the year following the donation.


Donations from Belgium can be made by wire transfer through the King Baudouin Foundation. Please wire funds to: IBAN: BE10000000000404BICBPOTBEB1

When making the wire please note as follows:

<< TGE-Fonds de Dotation IG-France >>


Spanish donors can make their donations by following these steps:

1. Send an email to indicating:

  • The amount of the donation.

  • The beneficiary entity - "Fonds de Dotation IG"

  • Donor identification data:

    • Name and surnames (individual donor) or business name (corporate donor)

    • Postal address

    • Telephone number

    • Email

    • Tax identification (NIF, NIE or CIF)

2. Attach a copy of your ID or card with the CIF of the donor (if it is Spanish) or with the NIE (otherwise). It is a key document to process the information to the AEAT about the tax treatment of the donation in Spain.

3. Make the payment by wire transfer to the following account:

Account holder: Fundación Empresa y Sociedad

IBAN: ES43 0234 0001 0510 0384 7629


Bank: Banco Caminos

Address: Almagro 8 / 28010 Madrid (SPAIN)

Communication: "TGE – Fonds de Dotation IG – France"

4. Then, email us at and let us know that the transfer was made, and the charity or charitable program that you'd like the donation to be directed towards.

Rest of Europe

According to the Persche ruling, a donation in one EU member state is recognized as tax-deductible in all EU member states. Thus, if you donate through our French charity Fonds de Dotation IG, you should be able to claim the donation as tax-deductible in your country. Please consult your accountant for further details.

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