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Fundme: No-fee crowdfunding
Fundme: No-fee crowdfunding

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With FundMe, creating a crowdfunding campaign is free. There are no set-up or platform fees - only a small credit card transaction fee. Instead of charging platform fees, we ask your donor to leave us a tip to fund our services.

You can receive donations in 100 international currencies. receive one-time or recurring monthly donations, and you always keep everything that you raise, even if you don't reach your goal.

Compare us to the other major crowdfunding platforms in Israel:


Platform fee

Always keep everything?


Recurring donations


FundMe by IsraelGives





9 languages


Not 0%


NIS only


English and Hebrew


Not 0%


NIS only


English and Hebrew


Not 0%




English and Hebrew


Not 0%




English and Hebrew

*Please note that this is based on the most up to date information that we had when publishing this article. Refer to the company's website for the most accurate pricing and service information.

Types of Campaigns

You can create 5 types of campaigns and even create fundraising teams:

  • Classic Campaign: This is a standard crowdfunding campaign, where you choose a donation goal and encourage your donors to help you reach it | Example

  • Team Campaign: Create a team of fundraisers. With the click of a button your supporters can join your "master" campaign and become fundraisers for your cause or organization. Each team member gets their own personal version of your campaign, and can set their own individual goal. Fundraisers become your ambassadors, bringing you new donors and donations | Example

  • Membership Campaign - Create a Patreon-style campaign to raise monthly donations and subscription payments. Set a target of the number of members you'd like to achieve (instead of a financial goal) and your payments will repeat every month | Example

  • Matching Campaign - Recruit a donor to match all donations in a campaign, and show your supporters how much their donation can be worth! This template shows each donor the impact of their matched donation - 2 times, 3 times and up to 10 times your campaign goal | Example

  • Rewards Campaign - Offer your donors rewards in exchange for their donation. Offer different gifts for different donation levels, and in different currencies. Easily track donations and gifts through your account | Example

You can currently create campaigns in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian.

Custom design

Appearance and experience: If you want to change the appearance of the page, change the colors or the font, hide certain parts, header and footer - all this is possible thanks to the magic of CSS and JS. Just contact us and tell us what you want to do.

Email confirmations

You can create a unique email that will be sent to all of your donors. To learn more, click here.

Tracking and analytics

Our platform supports Google Analytics 4, as well as Facebook analytics. In the campaign wizard, you'll enter your Google Measurement ID and/or Facebook Pixel ID. You can also easily track the source of a campaign by adding on a simple variable to the URL of your campaign.

You can also use our affiliate marketing platform if you want to incentivize your partners to promote your campaign, and webhooks and Zapier app for returning data directly to your marketing or CRM platform.

Here's how to get started

  1. Create a free IsraelGives account by clicking here.

  2. To raise funds for yourself or your own cause, first complete your profile, and then create your campaign.

  3. Then fill out this KYC form.

We'll then review your campaign and your KYC submission, and then contact you to arrange a brief identification video chat. Immediately after your campaign is live!

When will I receive the funds that I raise?

Once you've completed your campaign, fill out the release my funds form.

You will receive the funds on or about the 15th of the month after your campaign is over. If you have received recurring monthly donations (hora'at keva), you'll receive those funds every month at about the 15th of the month for the donations made the previous month.

Foreign currency donations are sent every two weeks, at around the 7th and the 22 of the month.

Details of each transfer appear in your account under "Bank Transfers".

Credit card fees

Through IsraelGives payments, you have access to the least expensive payment processing fees in Israel:

Credit card fee







American Express





2.4% + ₪2.40

Tourist cards


In addition, there is a ₪1.20 transaction fee per donation.

The credit card fee on foreign currency donations is 5%.

Our fees are recorded in an invoice that we issue you after your campaign is complete, and then every month. All invoices can be found in your account under Invoices.

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