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Step 3: Pick a payment processor
Step 3: Pick a payment processor
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Option 1: IsraelGives Foundation

Before you complete your onboarding, all Israeli Shekels donations that you receive are processed through the IsraelGives Foundation. This Foundation will issue a Sec.46 tax-receipt to your donor (in their name), and will then donate to you, once a month, the donations made.

Note that once you complete your onboarding, you must select one of the other options. Also, this option is not available for amutot without a Section 46 approval.

Option 2: Using your own merchant account

If you have an existing Isracard, CAL, MAX, Paypal, you can connect these accounts to our platform, and all donations will be processed using these accounts.

Option 3: IsraelGives Payments

Use IsraelGives Payments to process your payments. It's the least expensive way to fundraise in Israel. To learn more, click here.

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