Waiting for Customer Files

You have successfully placed and paid for your order, but have not attached and uploaded artwork file(s). See: How do I supply files for my print order?

File Attached, Not Uploaded

You attached your artwork file(s), but have not finished uploading them to your order. If you are finished attaching all your files, click on the green Finish button to complete the File Upload process.

File Uploaded

You uploaded your artwork file(s) and your order is in the queue to be reviewed for proofing by our Prepress team.

Awaiting Customer's Approval

Our Prepress team has prepared your proof, and sent it to you for review and approval. To proceed from this stage, you will need to make sure that you've downloaded and checked your proof, and then click on the green Approve Proof button. See: Approving a PDF Proof

File Error

Our Prepress team has detected one or more issues with your files that deem them unprintable, or unable to be produced with satisfactory results. You will need to correct these errors before we can proceed with proofing and/or start production. See: What is a File Error?


You approved your proof and gave us the green light to start production (unless you have chosen Run As Is, your order went from File Upload and straight to Production). Your order is going through the necessary production stages in order to complete the product you've ordered. At this stage, your order cannot be changed or cancelled.

Ready for Pickup (Vancouver / Toronto)

Your order is complete and is ready for pickup at the location you've chosen. See: What are you hours of operation?

Order Picked Up

Your order has been produced and you have picked it up at one of our locations.


Your order has been produced and we have shipped it to you. It is either in transit (on its way to you) or has been received by you. See: How long does shipping take?

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