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Create multiple contracts in one go from template using a CSV file

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Introduction πŸ‘‹

You can bulk-create contracts in Juro from a template and a CSV file in just five simple steps.

Step 1️⃣ Create a template with the necessary smartfields and signatories

To do this:

  1. Add and name the smartfields you need to the template

  2. In the Signatories tab, add the sides for future signatories

    If any of these are predefined as in the example below, add the relevant email addresses. If these are not predefined, click + Add signatory and press Enter: this will generate a simple link that you can use later on

    You can also add approvers/recipients at this stage, but you don't need to create simple links for them

  3. Publish your template.

Step 2️⃣ Download the Juro sample CSV

To download the sample template:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Bulk actions

  3. Select Create new

  4. In the list that appears, select the template you created

  5. Download the Juro sample CSV to your desktop.

Step 3️⃣ Fill in the sample CSV

In Juro's sample CSV, each column corresponds to the smartfields you've set up in your template. Each row you add represents a new document that will be created; each cell is the data that populate the smartfields.

  1. Fill in the cells you need, leaving empty the ones that you don't, then;

  2. Save the file and upload it into Juro by clicking Upload CSV (see the image above):

Step 4️⃣ Check the import for any errors

Now that your CSV is uploaded, Juro will check the CSV and highlight any erroneous inputs: You can see the import results on the next screen and any errors will be highlighted in red. If an update is needed, you can amend the CSV and then use the re-import CSV button to upload the corrected data.

Step 5️⃣ Confirm the mass-creation by clicking the Create documents button

The import will be stored in the Bulk actions section for future reference. Clicking the Show documents link lets you see the list of all imported documents in a specially prepared dashboard.

Special Characters πŸ”£

If your CSV upload contains special characters (e.g. !, @, #) you'll need to save it as a UTF-8 file. To do this:

  1. Click Save as

  2. From the file format dropdown, select CSV UTF-8 (Comma-delimited)(.csv)

  3. Select Save.

And that's everything! This process is the same across teams, so whenever you need to mass-create documents in Juro, just repeat the above steps in the relevant team.

You can learn more about troubleshooting your CSV import in our dedicated article on that topic.

πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ As always, our Support Team is happy to help you with anything further if needed. Start a chat with us right here by clicking the Intercom button in the bottom-right-hand corner of this page.

Alternatively, you can email your query to support@juro.com πŸš€

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