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How do I set up Auto-invest?
How do I set up Auto-invest?
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Great, you're looking to set up a regular investment plan using our Auto-invest function! Here are the things you need to know to get started.

1) Top up your wallet

Your auto-invest plan tells us how much you want to invest into a fund, or range of funds, and how frequently you want that investment to occur. We then automatically process this investment order using the money in your wallet. So first things first, you need to make sure you have enough money in your wallet before the auto-investment order is processed.

Check out our FAQ on how to transfer money into your wallet here.

The best thing to do, set up an automatic payment from your bank account into your wallet, that way you will never miss a payment.

Tip: The frequency that you top up your wallet doesn't need to match the frequency you set for Auto-invest, just make sure you have enough money transferred to cover your investment plan. For example, do you get paid fortnightly but want to invest $100 a week? Easy - set up a fortnightly automatic payment from your bank account to come out when you get paid for $200. Auto-invest will then deduct $100 from your wallet to invest each week.

2) Set up your Auto-invest plan

2.a) Go to the 'Invest' tab

2.b) Under the 'Auto-invest' section, click 'Create Auto-invest'

2.c) Select 'Create my own'

2.d) We've made setting up an Auto-invest plan super easy!

- Select your frequency; you can choose between weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

- Choose the fund, or mix of funds, that you want to invest in.

- Select an amount that works for you - the minimum requirement is $1 per fund.

That's it, you're all done. You can now sit back and relax, knowing that your investment plan is taken care of.

After some extra reading? Check out our blog on 'How to perfectly time the stock market' - you'll see why an Auto-invest plan is such a good decision!

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