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Multi-Accounts: Can I switch between accounts?
Multi-Accounts: Can I switch between accounts?

Can I link my kid's account to my own Kernel account?

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Recently we have introduced a 'Multi-Account' feature, meaning we can now link Kernel kids' accounts with their parent's individual Kernel accounts. As a parent or legal guardian, you can access both accounts from one login.

Whilst this feature is still in beta, we have designed it so that you can use most other features to manage the kids account, including buying and selling funds on their behalf.

The only limitations are that you can't access the personal information section for your child from your own login, and you can't access tax reports. You will need to use the child's login to access this information.

To gain access to our multi-account feature, please get in touch with our team at and we will set this up for you.
Once set up, you can switch between accounts through your profile, as shown below.

Since the feature is in beta, we encourage you to provide feedback to our team if you do participate!

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