I don't have any pledges with Kickbooster yet, what's going on?

How to increase the visibility of your referral campaign.

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Kickbooster's referral tool is for Campaign Owners to use to run and manage a referral program and boost their audience even more. Whether you're leveraging a list of contacts you already have, or you're using Kickbooster as an enticing reward when reaching out to media outlets or bloggers, our tool is there to help you manage the entire process. 

Kickbooster allows Campaign Owners to offer a reward and an easy signup flow for their affiliates. It also allows those affiliates to generate a unique link for the campaign and monitor the activity and commissions for their link in their own Kickbooster dashboard. 

We cannot guarantee that you will see an influx of pledges towards your campaign the moment you sign up with Kickbooster, as the tool works best when you do too. Just like anything else in the crowdfunding world, the success also depends on the quality and market of your campaign. 

What we can do to help!

As an added bonus of working with Kickbooster, you can add your campaign to our Marketplace which makes it visible to our community of Affiliates that refer to Kickbooster to find new campaigns to promote.

It's ultimately up to an Affiliate to choose your referral program from our Marketplace, so we can't guarantee your brand will match their audience, but our Marketplace gives them great visibility of new referral programs and the ability to grab an affiliate link if it's something that interests them.

On top of that, we hand-pick campaigns to be listed as Staff Picks, featured in our Newsletters, and even promote many of them on our own Social Media platforms. We try our best to promote as many campaigns as we can! 

How do I get more Affiliates?

Be sure to check out your dashboard and click 'Get More Boosters' for a list of tips. 

Here are also a few great help articles to reference to:

You can also check out our dedicated page for general Crowdfunding tips!

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