You've referred someone and they used your referral link to make a pledge towards a campaign or purchase from a store. Awesome! You now see the referral on your dashboard, but the reward status says, "In Review". What does this mean?

When a reward status is "In Review", it means that the referral is in one of the following state:

  • The Crowdfunding campaign is still live and your referred pledge has yet to be validated (Will be validated at the end of the campaign if successfully funded. With the exception of Indiegogo Flexible campaigns in which will be validated at the end of the campaign regardless of the campaign goal being met).

  • The referral for an eCommerce store is still in the store's referral review period.

  • If the referred pledge has been validated and successfully paid or the referred sale has passed the store's review period and the reward is still "In Review", that means we have yet to successfully receive payment for your reward by the referral program owner.

Once we receive payment for your reward, the reward status will update from "In Review" to "Pending Payment". If the status of your reward is "Pending Payment", you will receive payment on the Tentative Payout Date listed (unless your total payout balance is less than our minimum payout requirement of $20. in which will remain in your account and carried forward until you reach the minimum requirement).

Store Credit Reward (eCommerce referral program only and if applicable)

If the eCommerce store is offering store credit as a reward, your reward status will remain "In Review" during the store's referral review period. If the referred sale has not been refunded/cancelled during this time, your store credit will be available to redeem as soon as the review period is complete.

Depending on the type of referral campaign you're participating in, the commission payout process may vary.

Click here for a detailed description of the payout schedule for each referral campaign type.

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