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How to include publications section in your resume?
How to include publications section in your resume?

Listing publications could be something extra to help you stand out against other candidates.

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Has any of your work been published? Good job! Whether it's an article, an essay, a research study, or a book, your future employer will surely like to know. 

Here's how to include publications in your resume:

  1. Create a separate section called "Publications".

  2. Separate publications by category in the order in which they were published. Or in case you have publications relevant to the job for which you're applying, move these to the top of the section.

  3. For each, provide title, publication date and all authors.

  4. Don't forget to include ISBN (or any other way for the employer to find it) for printed publications and hyperlinks for online publications.

  5. You can also add a short description of the publication or explain how you contributed to it.


  • Only include the pieces that are either relevant for the job or the ones you're particularly proud of. Not everything that's been published online is relevant. 

  • Don't include papers that have just been submitted or in preparation unless they have been accepted for publication.

  • Don't include too many publications. Your resume is supposed to be brief, not ten pages long.

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