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How far is the parent in the set-up of the Parent Portal?
How far is the parent in the set-up of the Parent Portal?

Learn how to check the validation status of your parent.

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Expand the group and select the relevant child. 

On the Child's profile page you will see the parents name with a coloured icon.

Check the status of the parent, as per the following;

Red – Ask the parent if they have received an email from Kinderly, to click Verify Now. If they haven't, you can resend the invite via the Parent Directory.  Also, ask them to check their spam/junk folder.

Orange – This means the parent has set a password for the Parent Portal but has not yet completed the security checks for this specific child. To pass this stage, they will need;

  1. the Parent Passphrase, which can be found in Administration > Preferences.

  2. the child's Date of Birth, check you have entered it correctly on Kinderly.

Green – The parent has completed set-up of the Parent Portal for this specific child. and should be able to view their child's observations, daily diaries and wow moments.

Note: A green tick on the Parents profile page means the email address has been verified as correct, not that the Parent Portal has been set-up.

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