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Daily Diary
Daily diary settings.
Daily diary settings.

How to decide who sees the daily diary or receives email notifications.

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There are 3 options for the diary by;

  • setting,

  • parent or

  • child.

By setting

Choose whether as a setting, you wish to send daily diary email notifications to your parents.

By parent

If a specific parent does not wish to receive daily diary email notifications, you can select this option in the parents profile, via the Parent Directory.

By child

Older children for whom you might not want to create a diary at all, can be "excluded", which means even if you register them in they will not appear on the Daily Diary page.

To do this, go to the child's profile page and click Edit Child.

At the bottom of the page under Options, tick 'Exclude from Daily Diaries'. Click Save.

How to check a diary has been sent

Note: The Parent Portal will always display the latest version of the diary, once it has been sent, i.e. you can update the Daily Diary after sending and this will automatically update the Parent Portal.

What the parent sees

In the Parent Portal clicking on the diary bar will display the complete daily diary.

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