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Latest Product Update / 2. 10. 2020
Latest Product Update / 2. 10. 2020


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How to start the month better than with new product updates?

Here we go!

Publish Facebook posts that were planned in the past right away with the "Publish now" button. 💪

Did your post's scheduling date got postponed due to ongoing approval rounds or other obstacles? But now you're finally all ready to set it live?

Do it immediately by clicking the "Publish now" option in the Schedule button's dropdown menu. There's no need to change the scheduling time in the Edit post modal anymore.

Also, don't forget to take the advantage of this button whenever you decide for immediate publishing!

🚀 What else Kontentino Made for You lately?

25. 09. 2020 / Blank profiles! Add social media profiles manually without connecting your account.

18. 09. 2020 / Associate profile page right from the posts' preview modal.

Search the company in Competitions Analysis by its URL.

11. 09. 2020 / LinkedIn link posts support the GIF format.

See the whole copy of IGTV posts in the preview modal.

New Cancel button in the post edit window.

4. 09. 2020 / Decide if you want to open notifications in the current or new browser tab!

🗓️ Wanna see what Kontentino is planning?

Check out our Product road map, where you can submit your ideas or upvote others.

🎓 Join the Kontentino Academy Facebook group for Kontentino users to share their experience and newcomers to learn the best practices, tips and tricks. We are also sharing some exclusive sneak peeks to new features before they are released.

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