This week it's Instagram that got a little facelift.

Drag & Drop Instagram posts in the Grid view and switch their scheduling time!

What are the main pros of this update?

📅 Frictionless planning and scheduling.

✏️ More flexibility for creating the right look for your profile.

👁️ See how your Instagram feed is exactly going to look like.

Create with Kontentino a coherent and stylish Instagram feed that will creatively advocate the brand's message!

Here are just some eyes-catching Instagram grids that caught our attention and can serve you as an inspiration 😉 :

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

🚀 What else Kontentino Made for You lately?

16. 10. 2020 / Pinterest posts now support links.

See the post's copy and link in its preview mode.

02. 10. 2020 / Publish Facebook posts that were planned in the past right away with the "Publish now" button.

25. 09. 2020 / Blank profiles! Add social media profiles manually without connecting your account.

18. 09. 2020 / Associate profile page right from the posts' preview modal.

Search the company in Competitions Analysis by its URL.

🗓️ Wanna see what Kontentino is planning?

Check out our Product road map, where you can submit your ideas or upvote others.

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