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This help centre article has been written for the Koru Kids nanny service

Once you've met a nanny and decided to hire them, Koru Kids will take care of all the admin.

You'll be able to offer the nanny a role through your conversation with them, by clicking 'Pick a next step' and 'Start job offer'.

Once your job offer has been sent, and accepted by the nanny, we'll email you and ask you to:

  1. Complete the set-up form. This allows us to draw up your contract, set up your nanny's payroll and pension, and if necessary register you with HMRC.

  2. Sign up to our Direct Debit. This allows us to invoice you, collect payment and pay your nanny each month.

  3. Make arrangements with your nanny to start work.

At this point we'll also invite your nanny to attend our Paediatric First Aid course, and begin processing an enhanced DBS check for them. You can find more important information about DBS checks here.


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