What should I cover during my nanny's shadowing day?

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We think shadowing days are really useful when on boarding a new nanny as a lot of the information you'll need to impart is better shown than told. Here are our top tips for a great shadowing day:

  • Make notes in advance - this will help to remind you what you wanted to cover and provide information for your nanny to refer back to as they start the role independenlty. Both you and your nanny can then refer back to and update the notes during the shadowing day(s) and beyond. Check out our prompts for what to include in your notes here

  • Have a schedule to refer back to - check out our printable template here

  • Show your nanny the places they'll go with your children - make sure to do a pick up with your nanny if that's included in their role, showing them the school and pick up procedures

  • Give your nanny a tour of your home - show them where to find things they might need like your children's pyjamas, your first aid kit, and a dust pan, as well as how to use your appliances (dishwashers and ovens are often surprisingly unintunative when it's not the model you're used to)

  • Model how you want them to interact with your children - one of the most valuable things your nanny will learn during their shadowing day is your approach to parenting and behaviour management. They'll learn this in part through watching how you interact with your children, but it's really useful to have a conversation with your nanny afterwards to explain what your did or said and why

  • Show your children that you respect your nanny and they should too - sit down all together and discuss with the children that the nanny is in charge and what the boundaries are.

For all of our advice about getting off to a great start with your new nanny, click here.

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