Who do I reach out to for order support?
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We will try our best to provide the driver's details as much as possible. If you would like to contact the driver, you can retrieve the driver's details on our "Orders" page by clicking on the individual orders.

If the driver's details are not available, you should be able to be to reach out to the respective delivery providers' agents and drivers by clicking on track order to be linked to the delivery providers' tracking page.

Customers are encouraged to contact the respective delivery providers and drivers directly as this will greatly reduce the resolution time required for each issue.

If the delivery provider and driver are not contactable, please feel free to reach out to our friendly agents using the live chat function (bottom right chat icon) and our friendly agents will try their best to support your request.

For non-live order support, please feel free to send an email to support@kosmo.delivery and our team will reply to you shortly.

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