Managing your pick-ups

FAQ for managing your pick-ups after placing the order

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What happens if there is no driver assigned to my booking ?

Delivery providers send their orders for drivers' acceptance differently. Some providers send the orders to their drivers to accept only minutes before the assigned pick-up time. Therefore, please do not panic if there is no driver assigned before the desired pick-up time.

In the unlikely event that there is no driver available to perform the order even after the desired pick-up time, you are free to cancel your order and no charges will be made.

Additionally, you can also explore our reassign feature to dispatch your order to a new provider.

What happens if the driver is late to pick up?

Both Kosmo and our delivery partners try our best to provide you with the best delivery experience.

In the unfortunate event that the driver is taking too long to pick up, it can be due to various reasons such as bad weather, and high order demand. We would encourage you to be patient and wait for the driver since canceling the order can result in additional charges and inefficiency.

You can also contact the driver to find out more. You can find out how to contact the driver here.

What happens if the sender is not available to send the order?

You can make alternative arrangements to send the order. Just make sure that it is indicated in the comments section when placing the order. You can also reach out to the delivery partners to check if they can accommodate your request.

Order cancellation after delivery partner accept is not allowed.

What happens if the order is shown as picked up but the driver is not at pick-up location?

There may be occasions where drivers accidentally click on pick up earlier. We will request you to be patient, the driver is most likely on the way to your location.

You can also contact the driver if the driver is not at pick up location after a prolong period of time. You can see how to reach out to the delivery partner here.

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