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Inviting people to your team
Inviting people to your team
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You can create teams in Kosmo. This will allow you to have access and visibility of orders placed under your team members and the payment methods will be defined by the owner of team.

What is the difference inviting people to my team vs having many individual accounts?

Every team is tagged to an owner (Account owner of the organization), and can have multiple team members. Once the owner have invited people into his team, he will be able to:

  • Have visibility on the orders performed by everyone in his team

  • Able to add and remove team members from his team

  • Define the payment method for the team

Team members will only be allowed to place orders based on the payment method predefined by the team owner. This feature is useful when it comes to big enterprises managing multiple branches.

How do I invite people to my team?

Step 1: Go to settings page (top right corner)

Step 2: Go to "Team"

Step 3: Click on "invite people" to start adding people to your team

Note that your team members must create an account using the link sent via email triggered by the invite feature.

In the event that you face issues creating a team, please send an email to


You will be able to select between two roles when inviting someone to your team.

Admin: The admin has the same access as the owner. Admin can see and take actions on all orders.

Fleet Manager: A fleet manager can see and take actions on orders belong to their teams if a team is assigned to them. Please take note to assign a team to your Fleet Manager after inviting them.

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