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What happens if I can't make my payments?
What happens if I can't make my payments?

Life can be hard some times, we have a trained team to help you in times of need.

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We understand that life can throw a few curve balls from time to time. If you find yourself unable to reasonably keep up your Laybuy repayments, we have dedicated Customer Support and Hardship teams who are on hand to help provide options.

A period of financial hardship is often temporary and, given time, most customers will overcome their financial difficulties.

We understand that situations may arise from time to time that will impact your ability to pay
your ongoing obligation to Laybuy. Common events contributing to financial hardship may

  • Injury or illness.

  • Emergency events or natural disasters.

  • Personal changes in income or expenditure.

  • Changes in employment status.

  • Significant life events such as a relationship breakdown or death in the family.

Our hardship team is available to discuss individual circumstances and answer any questions you might have. We understand everyone’s needs are different, so we assess each application on a case-by-case basis.

Information we will need:

  • The circumstances surrounding your situation.

  • What amounts you can repay in the meantime and when can you commence making
    these payments.

  • How long do you foresee the situation lasting?

Based on the information you provide we will look to consider providing a payment deferral or a hardship relief period.

Please note that in some cases we will request proof of hardship as part of your hardship application. Please note that as Laybuy is a short-term financial service we do not offer long-term repayment options or offer payment plans.

To apply for support please send us a message and select the options relating to Hardship.

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