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What happens if I don't receive my purchase or it's damaged?
What happens if I don't receive my purchase or it's damaged?

We know how of a pain this is, we're here to help.

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There's little that's more frustrating than finally getting your purchase and it's damaged, or just not getting it at all. Laybuy has features within the app to assist you with managing payments while this is disputed with a merchant.

We've outlined in this article what to do when you're awaiting a refund, the same applies here. Simply select report return and you'll get 3 extra weeks before any payments are automatically attempted if the refund isn't processed within this timeframe.
You will need to contact the retailer directly for further information on next steps. Retailers all have their own individual returns and refund policies that Laybuy do need to adhere to.

Please remember that Laybuy is only responsible for the management of payments and the quality of a service or the delivery of a purchase is outside of our control. All correspondence related to this needs to be had directly with the merchant as it is there contractual obligation to ensure the purchase is sent to our customers according to their policies.

If you're still having issues or aren't able to get ahold of the store, please send us a message and we'll help you as best as we can.

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