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Can I change my payment date once I've placed my order?
Can I change my payment date once I've placed my order?

Need to change the date? Let's talk about your options.

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When placing an order with Laybuy, for all purchases excluding Laybuy Card, we provide shoppers with the option to choose the day of the week that payments will be deducted. This provides you with the freedom to configure future instalments to a day that suits you best, such as aligning it with your payday.

Please note: By changing the day of the week that payment is taken, your 2nd and future instalments will be adjusted and brought forward to match the new cycle.

Once an order with Laybuy has been placed, we don't currently allow for the day that payments are deducted to be changed. The good news is that we know this is a highly requested feature and the team is looking to introduce this new service in the future.

If you do need more time, you can always Pause your payment once per order and give yourself 2 additional weeks to complete your payment.

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