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Assesslet Standards Analysis Report for Administrators
Assesslet Standards Analysis Report for Administrators

This report allows administrators to view comparative data at the district, school and teacher level.

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1. Click on Reports from the left menu.

2. If necessary, select the reporting button for Assesslet Activities.

3. Click the report icon at the district, school, or teacher level.

NOTE: District and school level reporting are only available for district or school administrators.

4. Select the Standards Analysis Report option and click the Run Report button.

5. Administrators can view performance data by standard.

6. The Actions column shows the number of actions (items) on the Assesslet assessing the specific standard. You can click the Actions link to get more details about the items themselves.

7. The PE column displays the Points Earned.

8. The PP column displays the total Points Possible.

9. The Bar Chart is a graphical percentage representation of Points Earned out of Points Possible.

10. When viewing data at a teacher level, you will see the Student Data button which allows you to view individual student results.

11. When viewing standards by student, click the arrows at the top of the column to sort by standard performance.

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