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Feature release: Collections - Organize your generations

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Introducing Collections, the simplest way to organize your generated content on Leonardo.Ai. With Collections, you will never have to spend time searching for that one specific image again.

About Collections

  • Labeled Collections: Name your Collections and never go searching again.

  • Collections in Collections: Have up to 2 levels of nested Collections in a main Collection for more organization.

  • Ease of Use: Easily sort your generations with two different ways of interacting with Collections.

  • Easier browsing: Looking through your feed is even easier now with organized folders. Want to see only your cat generations? Add them all to a Collection.

  • Collection Sharing (Coming Soon): Share your folders with your friends, teammates and other users.

  • Smart Collections (Coming Soon): Automatically organizes your generations based on the keywords found.

  • Search and filters (Coming Soon): Easily search the contents of a Collection.


Collections bring a whole new way of interacting with your Personal Feed. It brings much needed organization to Professionals, Content Creators and hobbyists alike.

Collections offer versatile ways to keep your generations organized in ways such as:

  • Project Organization: For Professionals and Content Creators especially, Collections allow for organization of their generations into Collections for each project.

  • Structured Organization: Nested Collections allow users to further organize their generations into sub-categories, offering added versatility and organization capabilities.

  • Categorize your generations: Users can keep their generations organized by type, style, genre or whatever sort of category they can think of.

How to use Collections

There are a few ways to use Collections.

In your Personal Feed:

  1. Navigate: On the main page, click on Personal Feed in the left sidebar.

  2. Select: Click on Select Images to enter the selection mode.

  3. Organize: Select the images you would like to appear in a Collection then press Organize and either select New to create a new folder or click on the checkbox next to the name of an existing folder to add your images.

You may also click on images in your Personal Feed​ to open the image details and then click Organize.

In the Collections section:

  1. Navigate: From the main page, go to your Personal Feed and then click on the Collections tab.

  2. Create: Click on Create Collection to create an new Collection or select an existing Collection.

  3. Organize: Click on Add Images and select the images you would like to add in the Image Selection popup.

In the Image Generation tool:

On the left sidebar, click on Add to Collection, then either select existing Collections you would like your new generations to be added to in the dropdown menu or press New to create a new Collection.

You may also click on the button on the right of an generated set of images to add the entire set to an collection.

Alternatively you may also add an individual image by first clicking on the image you want to open the image preview and then clicking on the Organize button below.

To move a Collection:

It is possible to move a sub-collection (sub-folder) that is within another collection into another collection. Simply click on Select images and then select collection you would like to move. Then click on Move to and then the Move > button next to the collection you would like to move it into.

To delete a Collection:

  1. Ensure you are first in the Collections tab in the Personal Feed.

  2. Click on the next to a Collection's name and then click Delete.

  3. An confirmation popup will appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations?

  • Answer: Collections are limited depending on your user plan. Please consult the list below:

    • 1 Collection for Free tier accounts

    • Up to 1000 Collections for Premium accounts

What happens when I delete a Collection?

  • Answer: Only the Collection will be deleted unless the Delete Source Images option is enabled, in which case, the entire Collection and its contents will be deleted.


We know that Collections has been a heavily demanded feature and hope that it is of great use to everyone! That said, as Collections is still in beta, we would love to know if you run into any issues or have any other general thoughts about this feature.

Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

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