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Feature release: Lightning XL models for faster generations

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Introducing Lightning XL models, the latest family of finetuned models available on Leonardo.Ai. Alongside priority infrastructure improvements, these models bring a drastic improvement to the generation speed of images, allowing you to generate more and wait less.

As part of this release, we are introducing two models - a generalist photorealistic model called Leonardo Lightning XL, and our very first anime specific model - Leonardo Anime XL.

About Lightning XL

Faster generations: Alongside a number of infrastructure improvements, the Lightning model pipeline drastically reduces render time, with job speeds increasing by up to 2-3X!

Reduced Token Cost: Generate more at less cost.

Compatible with Elements: Your favorite SDXL Elements are of course compatible with Lightning model.

Image Guidance Compatibility: Use up to 4 Image Guidance options or Image to Image as usual.

Alchemy Compatibility: Lightning models work out of the box with Alchemy, requiring no changes in settings.
2 Finetuned Models available: Leonardo Lightning XL for photorealistic images and Leonardo Anime XL for stylized images.


Lightning models are a valuable addition to the Image Generation tool, allowing users to generate images faster at reduced token costs without sacrificing image quality.

With Lightning models, users can quickly generate batches of images and then upscale and refine their favorite images after with the Universal Upscaler.

How to use Lightning XL

Lightning XL models can be selected while in either the Image Generation tool or in the Finetuned Models page.

In the Image Generation tool
Click on the Model selection box and select the model of your choice (Lightning XL models are marked with an ⚡️).

In Finetuned Models
Click on the Lightning XL Model you would like to use and then click "Generate with this Model".

💡 Leonardo's Tips:

  1. Do remember that you can use Alchemy V2 and Image Guidance with SDXL Lightning models.

  2. For best results, ensure that one side of the image is 1024px in length at minimum and be sure to have Alchemy V2 enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much tokens does it cost to generate with an Lightning XL model?

  • Base token costs are as per listed below. Cost will vary depending on resolution settings:

    • Alchemy V2 disabled -512x512px: 2

    • Alchemy V2 enabled - 512x768px: 10

What are the limitations of Lightning XL?

  • Users are unable to change the Scheduler or Guidance Scale when using a Lightning XL model.


As Lightning XL is a new addition to our Image Generation tool, we would love to know if you run into any issues or have any other general thoughts about these new models.

Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

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