What are the Lessonly Default Roles + Permissions?

In Lessonly there are four default roles - admin, manager, creator, and learner. Each role has special permissions allowing them to perform different tasks in Lessonly.

Admins have unrestricted access to all company data within Lessonly. They can create and edit users, see company-wide data, create and manage tags, create and assign content, share ownership of content, add custom user fields, including primary and secondary branding colors.

For more information on the admin role, check out this lesson.

Managers can assign content to the groups they manage. Managers can build and edit content created by them or shared with them. Managers can also receive and complete assignments, similar to learners.

For managers to make an initial assignment, the user in the manager role must own the piece of content and they can only assign it to the users they manage. Once an assignment is made, a manager can reassign, unassign, set due dates, and send reminders to users they manage, regardless of whether they own the content or not.

For more information on the manager role, check out this lesson.

Creators can create, edit, and archive their own lessons (and any lesson that is shared with them by another creator, manager, or admin). Creators can receive and complete assignments, similar to learners. Creators are not able to assign or track learners' progress. Creators can be listed as a Specified Grader on lessons they have created or have been shared ownership with.

For more information on the creator role, check out this lesson.

Learners can receive content assignments. Learners cannot access the Gradebook, deliver assignments, or create content. Learners are the most basic type of user.

For more information on the learner role, check out this lesson.

Custom Roles

If a company has opted into Custom Roles check out this knowledge base article to learn more about Custom Roles.

The ability to edit People and Content permissions for users in the manager and creator roles is available. Check out these knowledge base articles for more information on permission settings.

For more information, select here to learn more about roles and the power they hold. Keep in mind, roles can be edited at any time when selecting the pencil icon next to the user's name or in the edit mode from the user's overview page.

If you have any questions please reach out to the Support team at support@lessonly.com.

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