Customize your Lessonly tenant by adding images! Below you'll find a complete list of the image formats that can be added and recommended dimensions for each type.

Image Formats Accepted







Image Types and Recommended Dimensions

  • Topic Cards : 256 px by 496 px

  • Flip Cards : 401 px by 802 px

    • πŸ’‘ Tip: Any dimension exceeding this measurement will be automatically resized.

  • Learn Card Covers : 222 px by 125 px

  • Custom Certification Badges : 172 px by 224 px

  • Cover Images : for banners, between 150 px and 220 px by 750 px; for standard photos, 480 px by 750 px

  • Login Screen Image : 2880 px x 1800 px

  • GIF Size : 50MB maximum

πŸ’‘ Important Note: Images wider than 750px will be resized to that width. Image height is not adjusted. You can prevent your images from being squashed and stretched by resizing them before adding them to Lessonly. This in-browser resizing tool is free and easy to use.

For more information on images and adding them to lessons, check out this lesson on design principles.

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