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Daily Digest Emails for Admins and Managers
Daily Digest Emails for Admins and Managers

Notifications to keep you abreast of learner progress and performance

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πŸ”” For info about the email notifications that learners receive, see this article.

About the Daily Digest

Daily digest emails help trainers stay up to date on how their trainees are performing. Each digest gives a summary of:

  • Lessons completed the previous day

  • Learners' scores on completed content

  • Overdue content

  • New users created

  • Lessons added to the Learn tab as optional learning, and

  • Learner ratings

Who Receives the Daily Digest?

Daily digests are sent to admins, managers, specified graders, and any user with people permissions and an assigned group of users.

  • Admin digests include information about the entire account.

  • Managers only see information related to their assigned groups and users.

  • Specified graders only see information regarding the lessons they've been assigned to grade.

Other Considerations

  • Daily digests are sent every morning at 8 am EST. This time cannot be changed.

  • If there's no account activity a digest won't be sent (there's nothing to digest, after all).

How to Disable Daily Digest Emails

Daily digest emails are enabled for new admins and managers by default, and this cannot be changed. But digests can be disabled in the user settings menu. Here's how:

  • Select the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner

  • Select Settings

  • Select My Account

  • Uncheck the box labeled "Send me a daily digest email of activity."Β 

Presto change-o, no more emails!

πŸ’‘ Important Note: only users in certain roles (admins, managers, and creators with people management permissions) can opt out of daily digest emails. Learners who've been designated as specified graders will also see this option on their settings page, but disabling it will have no effect; the learner will still receive a digest email the following morning.

Daily Digest Data

Each Daily Digest email contains the following items (when applicable).

  • A grading reminder and a link to the grading station.

  • A list of completed but ungraded lessons including the lesson title, the names of users who completed the lesson, and a link to each user's report card.

  • Overdue assignments. 'Nuff said.

    • Note: Users with overdue content will appear in the digest only once. For example, suppose I manage a learner named Ritchie. On Monday morning, I receive a digest email informing me that Ritchie's assignment is overdue. But Ritchie fails to complete his assignment that day. On Tuesday, my digest won't include a note about Ritchie's tardiness.

  • People added. This portion of the digest shows the number of new users created the day before and a link to the People page where they can view recently created users.

  • Learner ratings. This portion of the email shows all lessons that received a rating or comment the previous day.

  • Lessons added to the Learn tab. When optional learning content is added to the Learn tab, this content will be published in the daily digest, as will users who added the lesson and groups to which the lesson was made available.

Unsubscribe from Daily Digest Emails

To unsubscribe from Daily Digest emails, select unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. Users can also disable daily digest emails in their Seismic Learning account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I manage a learner, Sylvester, who belongs to two groups. I manage only one of these groups. Will I be sent a grading reminder via daily digest when Sylvester completes gradable assignments for his other group?

A. Yes, you'll be notified about any gradable activity that Sylvester undertakes. So long as you aren't expected to grade the assignments Sylvester completes for his other group, you can safely ignore this reminder. Why do you receive such a reminder in the first place? To help you monitor Sylvester's overall learning progress, even on topics that fall outside your bailiwick.

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