Set Retake Scores

Require learners to retake lessons if they fail to achieve a minimum score

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About Retake Scores

The retake score is the percentage of correct answers a learner must achieve in order to pass a lesson. When a lesson has a retake score, and a learner fails to achieve that score, the lesson will be automatically reassigned, giving the learner a fresh opportunity to correct his or her mistakes.

And fresh means fresh. When lessons are reassigned, they're scrubbed of any answers the learner previously submitted. Knowledge checks are reset; text fields are wiped clean.

When lessons include media practice elements, learners can review responses they previously recorded, in order to improve on them, but they cannot resubmit these responses for credit.

Set Retake Scores

The retake score module can be found in the settings menu on the lesson overview page. Enter the minimum score you want learners to achieve, then select Save.

To disable the retake score, add a value of "0" to the field.

πŸ“ Important Note: Retake scores are not retroactive.

Set Global Retake Scores

You can enforce a retake score across all training content in your account. This is known as a global retake score.

To enable this setting, select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Learning interface > select Settings > select Training Content Settings. Under Post-Lesson, enter the percentage below which learners will be forced to retake a lesson. Your entry is automatically saved.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Local retake scores take priority over global ones. In other words, adding a different retake score to an individual lesson will override your account's global retake score. Use this logic any time you wish to make a lesson more or less stringent.

Learner Point of View

When content with a retake score requires manual grading, learners receive emails from Seismic Learning when...

  • ...content is first assigned.

  • ...their content has been graded.

  • ...they pass a lesson.

  • ...they fail to meet the minimum passing score.

    • Notification emails are sent for each attempt a learner makes. If a learner fails the same lesson three times, for example, three separate notifications will be sent, each one encouraging the learner to retake the lesson.

When content with a retake score is automatically graded, learners will receive notifications when...

  • ...content is first assigned.

  • ...they fail a lesson. A prompt in the user interface will notify learners that they need to retake the lesson.

    • Learners will not receive email notifications when they fail automatically graded lessons.

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