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Track Non-Zoom Event Attendance
Track Non-Zoom Event Attendance

Automatically mark users as having attended a training event

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Automatically Track Event Attendance

Want to see which of your teammates attended a video conference? Sick of screenshotting participant lists and scribbling down employee names? Well, you're in luck! Seismic Learning can automatically track event attendance and update a guest roster accordingly.

When creating an event, select the Other Video Conferencing radio button under video conference settings, then add a link to your non-Zoom video conference.

💡 Tip: For information on tracking attendance in Zoom conferences, see this article.

After clicking Create Event, you'll be redirected to the event's overview page. Here you'll find a Learning-generated Join Link that will track attendance as guests enter the video conference. Clicking Copy Link will add the join link to your clipboard.

Now you're ready to invite guests to your event. The attendance-tracking link will be included in all guest-facing material such as the invitation email and the My Training Events category of the Learn page.

📝 Note: If an event attendee is already logged into Learning, clicking the join link will navigate them directly to the video conference. If the attendee is not logged into Learning, they'll be prompted to log in before they can join the event.

As attendees click the join link, Learning will update their attendance status.

  • Any user who clicks the join link will be marked ATTENDED, regardless of their RSVP status.

  • Invitees who RSVP’d but never click the join link will be marked UNCONFIRMED.

  • Invitees who don't RSVP or decline to attend will be marked DID NOT ATTEND.

Event organizers can edit users' attendance status after the event has concluded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can event invitees select a join link at any time before the event and still be counted as having attended?

A. No. If invitees select a join link more than 15 minutes before the start of an event their attendance status won't be updated. If invitees select a join link within a 15-minute window before the event, or after the event begins, they'll be marked as having attended.

Q. Can a user click the join link if they were never invited, or never RSVP'd, and still be marked as attended?

A. Yes. If a user clicks the join link, even if they didn't RSVP or weren't originally invited, they will be added to the attendance list and marked as attended.

Q. If the event organizer edits the video conference link will it change the join link?

A. No. The join link will remain the same. Following the change, the join link will simply direct event attendees to the updated video conference location.

Q. Will the join link change if the event organizer changes the date or time of the event?

A. No, the join link will remain the same.

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