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Events and Event Registration

How to create and manage training events and track learner attendance

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Before you begin: By default, only admins can create and manage events, but managers and creators can be given these permissions. Check out this article for more information.

Create a New Training Event

Navigate to the Events page, then select New Event.

You'll be directed to a form that contains the following fields. Fill out each required field, then select Create Event to save your work.

  • Name*

  • Description

  • Date, time, and time zone*

  • Instructor

  • Registration cap

  • Video conference

  • In-person location

    * = required

Manage Event Settings

Each event has its own page on which the following settings can be adjusted:

  1. Edit the event's title, description, and schedule, or copy the RSVP link

  2. Make a copy of the event or archive (i.e., remove) it

  3. See when the event was created and when it was last updated

  4. Change its listing visibility

  5. Learn about reminder emails

  6. Assign follow-up content

  7. Manage your guest list

Follow-up Content

When a training event concludes, instructors can reinforce key learnings by assigning related lessons, quizzes, or surveys. To assign follow-up content, select it in advance of an event's commencement. When the event concludes, a button on the event settings page, Assign to Attendees, will be enabled.

Note: Follow-up content is not automatically assigned. Instructors must select Assign to Attendees to perform this action.

Check out this article to learn more about assigning follow-up content.

Guest List

Before an event begins, its guest list shows which users have accepted or declined an invitation and which users have yet to reply. After an event concludes, instructors or admins can refer to the guest list to see which users attended.

The guest list contains a search field to help trainers find guests by name. The list can also be sorted by RSVP and attendance status.

Trainers can manually change guests' attendance status or remove guests altogether by selecting the caret in the attendance column.

πŸ’‘ Tip: By default, learners can edit their attendance status, i.e., mark themselves as having attended an event after it concludes. This setting can be disabled, however. Check out this article to learn how.

Send Event Invitations

Guests can register for an event in one of three different ways:


Guests can receive a registration link directly from the instructor. This link can be copied from the event's settings page and shared via email or chat message, or posted wherever trainers want guests to find it.

Email Invitations

When learners are added to a guest list Learning will automatically send them an invitation by email. Alternatively, trainers can send email invitations to particular people or groups by selecting the Invite button on the event settings page.

Doing so allows the instructor or facilitator to add a custom message to the invitation.

Note that custom messages are restricted to plain text. Styling information, such as boldface, italics, text sizes or lists, will be stripped when text is pasted into the custom message field.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Select 'Preview Invitation' to see how the invitation will look from a guest's point of view.

Event Visibility

Changing an event's listing visibility makes it available to members of the groups you specify. When a group is added to an event's Listing Visibility field, the event will be added to each learner's My Training Events page.

To add a group, search it by name and then select Done. To remove a group, click the trash can icon beside its name.

Add Events to Guest Calendars

When learners accept an event invitation they can add the event to their calendars by selecting Add to Calendar from the registration page. Clicking this button will download an .ics file containing the event's schedule information. When guests import this file to the app of their choice, the event will be added to their calendars.

If an event's date or time is changed, the change will automatically propagate on attendees' calendars. Guests will also be notified about these changes by email.

Note: If the event is virtual and hosted by Zoom, users can sign up through Zoom. Check out this article for more information on Learning's integration with Zoom.

Event Email Notifications

When invitees are added to a guest list they receive a system-generated invitation from the event creator's email address. This email contains an RSVP button.

Selecting this button takes invitees to a page on which they can accept or decline the invitation. When invitees select I will attend, they receive a confirmation email from, and the guest list on the Events page updates to show their RSVP.

If invitees take no action on invitation emails, they're listed as "Awaiting Reply" on the guest list. Such invitees receive a reminder email one week before the event, then one day before the event.

Learner Point of View: Registering for Events

Learners can preview upcoming events by navigating to their My Training Events queue, located on the Learn page. If an event has been made available to a learner, by direct or group invitation, they can register for the event by selecting it from this page.

Events are sorted into three kinds: events to which learners have been expressly invited, events that are open to all registrants, and events that occurred in the past. Event cards show the name of the event, its date and time, the instructor, the location, and whether the event meets virtually or in person.

Automatic Attendance Tracking

Zoom Events

Seismic Learning's integration with Zoom allows you to track attendance for Learning events. Attendance tracking is automated by matching attendees' email addresses in Zoom to those on the event's guest list in Learning. The guest list will update to show which learners attended the event after the Zoom meeting ends.

Check out this article to learn how to track attendance with Zoom.

Non-Zoom Events

Learning can also track attendance in events hosted by other video conferencing software. When creating an event, select the Other Video Conferencing radio button under video conference settings, then add a link to your video conference.

After clicking Create Event, you'll be redirected to the event's overview page. Here you'll find a Learning-generated Join Link that will track attendance as guests enter the video conference. Clicking Copy Link will add the join link to your clipboard.

Check out this article for more information on tracking attendance in non-Zoom video conferences.

Manage Your Events With Filters

Events can be filtered by status (upcoming or past), creator, instructor, or any combination thereof.

Event organizers can also set a default view by saving certain filters in place. Learning will apply these filters automatically, creating a custom view of your events every time you visit the page.

Once you've selected the filters you wish to apply, select No Default View Set, then click "Save Current View as Default." To clear saved filters, select "Revert to Default View" from the same menu.

Cancel an Event

To cancel an event you've scheduled, select Archive from the event's overview page.

Learning will ask you to confirm your decision. If guests have already been invited, you can choose to notify them of the cancellation.

If you elect to notify attendees, Learning will send a cancellation notice by email and the event will be updated on the user's calendar. In Outlook, the event will be struck through and described as a canceled event. In Google Calendar, the event will simply be deleted.

If you elect not to notify attendees, the event will remain on their calendars and it will be left to them to delete it.

πŸ’‘ Tip: You can undo an archive action. Select the word "undo" from the green confirmation banner and the event will be restored.

If an event has already occurred, archiving it will merely declutter the events queue. The event will be relocated to the archives, located at the bottom of the Events page. To restore an archived event, select View Archives, check the box next to the event you want to restore, then select the Restore button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can events be made to reoccur?

A. Not as of this writing. We recommend that event creators make copies of the original event and update the dates of each copy accordingly.

Q. Is it possible to bulk upload events?

A. Not at this time, but we'd love to hear from you should you need such a feature.

Q. Can I change the email address from which event reminders are sent?

A. Event reminders are sent from the email address of the user who created the event, not a Learning account's default email. Currently, the sender cannot be changed. As a workaround, copy your RSVP link, then send it to invitees from your account's default email address.

Q. I scheduled an event that will be hosted on Zoom but I'm not the event instructor. Can I make the instructor an alternative host?

A. Yes, another licensed user on the same Zoom account can start and run the event as an alternative host. This user will receive an email notifying them that they've been added as an alternative host; the email will also include a link to start the meeting. Read more about designating an alternative host in this Zoom support article.

Q. What if my invitees are located in different time zones?

A. Not to worry, Learning will automatically convert your event time to match each invitee's time zone. Although event invitations record the event creator's time zone, events themselves, when added to a learner's events queue, show the correct (i.e., converted) time zone.

For example, suppose Ricky schedules an event for 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time and then invites Jean to attend. Jean, who lives in the Eastern Standard Time zone, will receive an email invitation that gives the event time in Ricky's time zone, 9:00 AM PST. But when Jean indicates whether or not she'll attend, the event will be added to her My Training Events page as occurring at 12:00 PM EST.

In short, invitees should consult their Training Events page when seeking information about an event's schedule.

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