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In-app sounds are not working on the iOS app?
In-app sounds are not working on the iOS app?

What to check if the in-app sounds are not working on the iOS app

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In the current version of the iOS app, in-app sounds, including Soundcapes, Alarms, Chimes and Button Clicks) will NOT play when your mobile is on silent mode, or when you have the mute switch turned ON.

You will also find that in-app sounds will not play if you:

  • close the app or your phone

  • when you soft close the app (still running in background, but not showing)

The Soundscapes will also pause when you move from the list screen to another screen (Summary, Preset Lists, and Settings) via the navigational bar on the bottom of the app.

Override Mute

If you would like the in-app sounds to still play if your phone's mute switch is ON, you can toggle the Override Mute feature ON in Settings.

If you're finding that the in-app sounds are not working, please check:

  • that your phone is not on silent mode

  • the mute switch is not turned on

  • the volume settings for Soundscapes, Alarms, and Chimes in Settings

  • external volume settings on your device

If you've checked the above, and are still experiencing issues with in-app sounds, please connect with us on

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