Using Alarms

Use and manage sound or visual alarms and chimes on mobile and desktop

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Llama Life offers a range of options when it comes to alarms, which are an easy way to alert you when the timer is up.

The alarms are available on the iOS app and desktop.

On Desktop:

  • To turn alarms on and off, click on the cog in the top left hand corner of the task manager and access 'Settings'.

  • Scroll down until you see 'Alarm Type'. In this you will be able to turn on/off:

    • Visual Alarm: When on, your window will flash continuously when the timer is up until you click anywhere in the window.

    • Audio Alarm: By default this alarm will sound once when the timer is up

    • Audio Alarm: Nag When the timer is up, this alarm will play once every minute until turned off

    • Audio Alarm: Continuous This alarm will sound constantly until you turn it off

We also have chimes, which can be turned ON/OFF in Settings.

When on, they provide a soft chime at an interval of your choice (eg. every 5 minutes) to help keep you focused by bringing you back to your task.

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