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Help me know if my to-do list is too long
Help me know if my to-do list is too long

Use our List Time, End Time, and Time Divider to manage your day and see if your list is realistic or not!

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You know how it is. We start the day full of optimism on what we'll achieve today. But sometimes, we can get carried away with our list to only set ourselves up for disappointment.

It all comes down to setting our expectations when we're prioritizing!

Some features and tips that will help you make sure your list is manageable include:

Use List Time to show you the total amount of time of all your tasks. Is it reasonable? Whatever that number is, does it feel manageable?

Use End Time to see the projected completion time for all of your tasks. Have you included breaks? Is the End Time realistic?

Move tasks below the Time Divider to not be included in the List Time and End Time.

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