The Loomly mobile app is available to all Loomly users:  

📝 Note: you will need an existing Loomly web account to login to the Loomly mobile app, both on iOS & Android. If you do not have a Loomly account yet, simply create a new one here.  

The Loomly mobile app allows you to:

  • Access all calendars & posts created from

  • Update the state of posts, assign posts to a collaborator & comment on posts.

  • Receive push notifications triggered by all interactions inside Loomly. 

  • Publish to Instagram in a simple two-step process.  

If you have a smartwatch mirroring notifications from your smartphone, you will receive Loomly push notifications in there, too!

Please let us know here if you would like to see any additional features supported from the Loomly mobile app.

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