We do support stories for Facebook and Instagram with the help of push notification and reminders! 

A story can also be scheduled with multiple images, multiple videos, or a combination of the two, up to 10 media files.

Please note that publishing stories directly to Facebook & Instagram is not following Facebook guidelines, meaning that the other tools which are doing so, might be getting banned from both APIs at some point.

  1. How to create stories

  2. Publishing Instagram and Facebook stories with the help of reminders

How to create stories for scheduling:

  • Select Instagram or Facebook in Post Builder

  • In the fine-tuning section, select "story" by clicking on the toggle and upload an image or a video with the right format for a story (1080px by 1920px).

  • Then, you will be able to preview — and collaborate with your team on — your Story like any other post in Post View:

How to publish Stories with the help of reminders:

  • When it is time to post, you will receive a push notification from Loomly's mobile app, and this will open the Instagram or Facebook app with the picture / video saved.

    • When the Instagram app opens, you will be able to choose between a story or feed. Choose Story and then add any Instagram stickers you like and publish it!

    • When the Facebook app opens, click Create story, add any stickers you like and publish the story!

📝 Note:

  • We do not support scheduling Swipe Up links or link stickers, but you can add them manually as you are publishing them if you have over 10,000 followers or a verified Instagram account.

  • We support Instagram story analytics in Advanced Analytics.

  • Please note that Instagram stories are also supported in Loomly Ads Manager for Instagram.

Learn more about what you can do with Instagram in Loomly by watching this webinar!

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