TikTok and Loomly Overview

Learn more about Loomly's integration with Tik Tok

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Take a look at our quick video tutorial on how to schedule TikTok posts with Loomly:

In this article, you'll also review:

1. How to connect your TikTok account

To connect your TikTok account to Loomly:

  • Go to the Social Accounts tab of your Calendar Settings page, and connect your TikTok account by clicking on the green Connect button for TikTok:

  • You will need to sign in you are not already signed into TikTok

  • Authorize Loomly by clicking on the red button below

  • You can view the connected account once you are successfully connected

📝 Note:

  • Both Personal and Business accounts are supported for direct publishing.

  • Loomly was created on a calendar basis. In each calendar, you can connect one account per social media platform. So if you need to connect two TikTok accounts, you will currently have to create two calendars.

  • If you need to publish the same post to multiple TikTok accounts, you can easily create a post that can be cloned on multiple calendars. You will be able to access all your posts from All Calendars.

2. How to publish to TikTok

Learn more about publishing to TikTok in these sections:

A. How to automatically publish to TikTok

Single videos can be automatically published from Loomly.

  1. Create a TikTok post in Post Builder as you normally would

  2. Upload a single video

    1. Specify a cover photo/thumbnail from the base or fine-tuning panel if you like

  3. Optional: You can also customize the following options for the TikTok post:

    1. Disable Comments

    2. Disable Duets

    3. Disable Stitches

  4. Once your post is ready, schedule for direct publishing

📝 Note:

  • Multiple image posts need to be manually published using reminders

  • There are restrictions on what can be automatically published. See below for more details.

  • Due to API limitations, we are unable to support the following:

    • Applying overlay text

    • Applying stickers

    • Applying filters

    • Music: Searching or applying trending audio is also unavailable

      • Only original audio is supported, so any trending sounds must be added to the video beforehand to automatically publish the post, or you can select the Publish Manually option to add sound in TikTok using push notifications

We recommend creating the video in TikTok or another editing tool of your choice ahead of time and adding in any overlay text, stickers, filters, and music. You can then download or save the video before scheduling it through Loomly.

You can also choose to manually publish if you would like to add the above customization options natively in TikTok once it is time to post the video.

B. How to manually publish using push notification reminders

Any posts that do not fit the criteria for automatic publishing will need to be published with the help of reminders.

Please note that you can manually publish your post by selecting the Publish Manually toggle.

To publish manually to TikTok, you can use Loomly's push notifications:

When it's time to publish to TikTok, Loomly will send you a push notification reminder on your phone:

📝 Note: You can also choose to receive emails, Slack, and Microsoft Teams notifications.

When you tap the notification, it will take you to the post within Loomly, where you can click Publish to TikTok:

From there, the TikTok app will open, and you can publish the post manually just as you would if you were publishing from TikTok itself. 

The video or images will be loaded, and the text of the post will be automatically copied to your clipboard. You can then paste the text, add music if you'd like, and publish the post to TikTok.

Download the Loomly app to create and manage your posts or to receive push notifications on your mobile phone:

3. TikTok supported media types and size limits





.jpg, .png

10 MB

Must be within a 1/2.2 to 2.2 aspect ratio range

Multiple images only (up to 12)

.mp4, .mov


<30MB and shorter than 2 minutes


5 GB and 5 minutes

A. Requirements for automatic publishing

  • Only posts with a single video

  • Duration: 3 seconds minimum, 5 minutes maximum

  • Frame rate: 23-60 FPS

  • File size: 1GB maximum

  • Picture size: minimum height and minimum width of 360px

  • Caption: up to 2,200 characters and 30 mentions

Pro Tip: You can crop, trim, and edit your images and videos with Loomly Studio.

If these specifications are not met, manual publishing using notifications is required. The Publish Manually option will be selected by default, and the Publish Automatically option will remain unavailable if the post does not meet the automatic publishing criteria.

You can hover your cursor over the information icon to find the reason why the post must be manually published.

4. TikTok features

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