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How do Champions edit and confirm the workplace staff count?
How do Champions edit and confirm the workplace staff count?

Your workplace staff count determines which size category you are competing in. Find out how Champions can make sure it's accurate.

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During workplace challenges, your workplace will compete against others of a similar size. You will be placed in the correct size category according to your staff count. It's the Champion's job to make sure that the staff count is correct so that you compete on the correct leaderboard.

Before the challenge starts, Champions should:

1. Check the staff count is correct (see who should be included here)

2. Edit the staff count if necessary

3. Confirm the staff count

Where can I see the staff count?

Head to your Workplace Profile and find the stats at the top. The below image shows where you can see the staff count. In this example, the total staff count is 9, so Love to Ride - Bristol will compete on the 7-19 staff size leaderboard.

A screenshot showing the staff count of the Love to Ride office on their profile

Who should be included in the staff count?

To make it as fair as possible, workplaces and departments should only compete with workplaces/departments that are of a similar size to them, therefore it’s essential that the staff numbers we have are correct.

  • Please count everyone who is employed (part-time or full-time) during the event period

  • You can only exclude co-workers in your staff count who are on maternity leave, long-term sick leave, sabbatical, other long-term leave, or based outside of the challenge area (e.g. the country for a national challenge or city for a city-wide challenge etc.) for the full duration of the event period

  • If you work at a school, your Workplace Profile should only include staff - students may create a club/group

How to edit and confirm the staff count

1. Head to your Workplace Profile

2. Click on 'Edit Workplace' below the logo

A screenshot showing the 'edit workplace' button on a Workplace Profile

4. In the third box down, enter the correct staff count

A screenshot showing where to enter the staff count in the workplace settings

5. Check the box at the bottom of the page to confirm the staff count

Note: Once this box has been checked, it can't be reversed, so make sure you have double-checked beforehand. If there will be changes in numbers due to staff joining or leaving, remember to make allowances for this.

A screenshot showing the box to confirm the staff count

6. Click 'Update workplace' at the bottom to save changes

7. Check on your Workplace Profile to see that the staff count has updated

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